Two-day Boao Forum for Asia conference underway in Ulaanbaatar

2019-08-20 19:28:31

Mongolia is one of the initiators of the Boao Forum for Asia, an important platform for the discussion of development and economic issues of Asia. The conference, hosted by Mongolia, is continuing at the Shangri-La Hotel in Ulaanbaatar. Prime Minister of Mongolia U.Khurelsukh delivered opening remarks. 


In his speech, he said, “Mongolia holds aspiration to actively partake in the activities of the Boao Forum for Asia, aimed at deepening economic-related information sharing and inter-correlated actions among Asian countries. Furthermore, Mongolia is hosting the event within the framework of the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Mongolia and China.”


Minister of Foreign Affairs D.Tsogtbaatar, Chairman of Boao Forum for Asia Ban Ki-moon, Executive Secretary of the UN ESCAP Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana, Secretary-General of BFA Li Baodong and other delegates delivered remarks at the opening ceremony. The conference with a theme “Concerted Action for Common Development in the New Era” has brought together around 300 public and private delegations from more than 10 countries, such as Mongolia, China, South Korea, and Pakistan. The interactive parallel discussions will be held under topics such as, “Investment and business opportunities of Mongolia”, “New direction: Aligning with ‘Belt and Road’ & ‘Development Road’”, “Connectivity: Expanding horizons into regional cooperation”, and “Common goal: Green development”. 

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