Slightly milder weather expected tomorrow

2018-01-29 13:58:38
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Slight snowfall and blizzard are expected in some areas of  central and eastern aimags on January 31 and eastern parts of eastern aimags on February 01. Apart from this, snowfall is not expected in most of time.  

The wind will get stronger, reaching 12-14m/sec in some areas of the country on January 30-31 and in areas of gobi region on February 01.

Slightly milder weather is expected on January 30, but it will remain cold in the depression of Uvs lake, in the valleys of Ider and Tes and in the head of Zavkhan river, the nighttime temperature will be around minus 45 to minus 50 Celsuis, the daytime between minus 32 and minus 37 Celsuis.

The nighttime temperature will be -34-39 Celsuis, the daytime temperature -22-27 Celsuis in the depression of Darkhad and Khuren belchir and in the valleys of Kharaa, Yuruu, Tuul, Terelj, Kherlen, Ulz and Khalk rivers.

In southern parts of gobi region, the nighttime temperature will remain around 20-25 Celsuis, the daytime will be -9-14.

In other regions, the nighttime temperature will be -27-32, which is the same to the previous week, and the daytime, -14-19 Celsius, which is nearly 5 Celsius lower than the last week.