Transportation Minister pledges to support aircraft reassembling

2017-11-09 16:02:10
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Engineers and technicians of the Mongolian Airlines (MIAT) company, the national flag carrier, are reassembling TBC-2MC aircraft. On November 8, some MPs got au fait with a process at the hangar and service department of the MIAT.

Engineers and technicians of the company have good experience in making maintenance on AN-2 aircraft as the company used to have this type of aircraft in its fleet, therefore they are rebuilding new TBC-2MC aircraft, assembling fuselage and wings of old AN-2 with TPE-331-12 engine by Honeywell company and fan by Hartzell Propeller Inc, according to T.Ayush, Chairman of the Aircraft Maintenance and Service Department of MIAT company. He underlined that AN-2 is the most widely used aircraft in the world and it is economically beneficial to develop reassembling of small size aircraft in Mongolia, using professional knowledge and skills of internationally recognized personnel.

General aviation can be used in different fields such as business tour, freight transport, air post and environment protection, and to develop general aviation they face financial problems, said T.Batjargal, chairman of Administration Department of the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

Minister of Road and Transportation Development J.Bat-Erdene pledged to support aircraft reassemble and noted that all necessary permissions and certificates should be obtained in compliance with relevant laws and international regulations and rules.

As a result of reassembling the aircraft, the aircraft engine would be much lighter, lowering weight from 680 kg to 140 kg, the range becomes 1400 km. lTC-1 is available for the aircraft's fuel. Therefore aircraft reassembling is significant for economy and businesses of the country, said MP B.Enkh-Amgalan.